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Airstar - UnseenForces

UnseenForces is Airstar's debut release, a six-track acoustic mini-album, available on CD, which captures the spontaneity, intensity and intimacy conjured in the band's live performances.

Recorded at FFG studios in Gloucestershire in April 2001 and produced by David Pick and the band, UnseenForces showcases the strength of the band's songs, with a selection of new material presented in a stripped-down acoustic form.

Track listing:

Neon - Beautiful Thing - Daylight - Sky Is Falling - I Never Said - SloMo

UnseenForces can be obtained by:

  • sending a cheque for 6.00 (includes P&P) payable to "PJ Pritchard" to:
    Airstar, The Converted Garages, Harcourt House, Marston Road, Oxford OX3 0EJ
  • using our secure online credit card facility at http://www.evinsol.co.uk/ccorder.shtml, at the same price of 6.00