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All three tracks from Airstar's promo-only three-song single are available now for download, in a choice of bitrates. Get them while you can!


Beautiful Thing (mp3: 128kbps/3.56Mb or 320kbps/9.56Mb)

A new take on the song from UnseenForces.
Longing for escape from the real world, but only retreating to a psychotic underworld in which to feed your demons, with a side-measure of alien abduction.


Someday revised (mp3: 128kbps/3.63Mb or 320kbps/9.40Mb)

Someday leaves behind its dreamy, wistful origins and heads somewhere altogether more rocky and troubled. Or something.


Chromium (mp3: 128kbps/4.50Mb or 320kbps/11.25Mb)

Wanting something deeper, but never doing anything about it?

New track:

Sky Is Falling (mp3: 128kbps/3.62Mb or 320kbps/9.05Mb)

A reworked, revisited version of the track from 'Unseen Forces'.


We'll be changing the available downloads periodically, so check back here regularly.